Portable Skills

Wesizwe’s vision for its employees and members of the local community during the life of the mine is that the majority of them should have acquired skills they can use to remain financially sustainable.


During 2013, Wesizwe has facilitated a number of portable skills training programmes for both employees and community members in a broad range of subject areas including computer skills, bricklaying and carpentry. The programmes aimed to provide community members with certified life-long skills and development.  The programme was run by Tjeka Training Matters (a training implementing agent accredited with Construction Education Training Authority CETA.  Nine of the artisans attending the programme are currently employed on Wesizwe infrastructure programmes.


Key Statistics




Number of learners enrolled


Total Investment Made





Employees x 40


Community members x 51



Young learners undertaking bricklaying portable skills training

Portable skills trainees in class

Young trainees learn portable carpentry skills