READ Trust School Enrichment Project

Wesizwe Platinum is working on a whole school development project with READ Educational Trust, which is a South African-based NGO that operates in the education and literacy sectors. READ provides resources to schools, and it functions primarily as a teacher development agency in the field of language, literacy and communication. It is a leader in the fields of educational assessment, materials development and resource provision and provides:

  • School-based workshops and demonstrations
  • Classroom support and mentoring aligned with results-orientated implementation strategies.
    • Local and international resource selection and provision.

The READ project has been implemented in 6 primary schools in the Ledig area of the North West province, and in 2014 the project has grown to include the Intermediate phase, as well as an additional school in the area of Phatsima. The project has impacted on 74 teachers and 3683 learners. The programme was implemented in cooperation with the North West Department of Education as well as in line with the department’s policies and curriculum.

Project Impact

The overall improvement in the learner’s performance was attributed to the grade R intervention in the project, preparing pre-school learners for formal teaching. Learners benefit from skills development work, which leads to improved phonemic awareness and phonic skills. The teachers are implementing literacy methodologies more effectively, thus improving their teaching and positively affecting learning. Learners benefit from more regular skills development work, which lead to improved language structure, grammar and comprehension skills. The writing frames are proving to assist teachers to teach more effectively, and the quality and quantity of the writing done in the classroom has improved.

Wesizwe Platinum is pleased and excited with the impact the project has thus far delivered, as indicated in the results, and is continuing with the programme by providing further support.