Water Consumption

All water consumed on site and at head office is municipal drinking water supplied by Magalies Water and Rand Water respectively. Water utilised at the regional office is abstracted from a borehole.

The Company does not extract or withdraw water  from surface sources, be those wetlands, rivers, lakes and oceans, nor from waste, groundwater or a third party. From 2016, the Company has been measuring rainwater and conceptually calculates water balance.

Water to the mine site and the information center is supplied by Magalies Water and distributed by the Vaalkop Dam purification plant. Rand Water supplies municipal drinking water to the head office.

Water consumption is measured on a monthly basis and water on site is recycled for use in underground activities or for dust suppression, for details on our water consumption trends, you may review our annual integrated reports at ……….


Water Quality

The Elands River, which traverses through the site, has been dry for most of the period under review reflecting the drought conditions that prevail in the North West Province. Results from our surface water and groundwater sampling and monitoring programme indicate that most of the determinants fell within the SANS 241:2015 – Drinking Water Quality Standards.

 Pollution Control Dam at BPM

Iron, manganese, nickel and E.coli concentrations were however, on average, elevated and exceeded SANS standards, a result of the underlying geology

activities upstream or up slope of the mine, or the borehole casings rusting, indicating that there is no impact from the mine site.

We will continue to focus on conducting total water assessments on the surface and other ground water supplies, to ensure we identify the root cause of the elevated determinate.

 Storm-water channel at BPM

The Company embraces a zero-discharge principle. Water movement is channeled along a Storm-water system to prevent contamination of soil and water.

All dirty water from the site is collected by the Pollution Control Dam, which complies to conditions stipulated in the approved licence. The Company does not discharge any water into the environment, hence discharge reporting is not relevant for this reporting period