Environmental Awareness Case Studies

During 2017, 2018 and 2019, Wesizwe undertook a number of environmental awareness activities internally in the mine and in the local community to engage residents and other stakeholders in national initiatives of importance.  Below is a case study of a typical environmental awareness campaign undertaken in the community during this period

Waste recycling bins at mine.

Waste management

The Company does not discharge nor release polluted water into the environment. Two pollution

control dams are located down-slope of construction activities. All dirty water on site is channeled to the

dams via concrete lined V-drains.

Waste supervisor Mr Michael Kabushong, busy sorting plastic waste at the salvage yard.

Waste rock mined during the construction phase is stored on the waste rock dump. In 2015, waste rock was used during road construction, and this continued throughout 2017 and 2018. As a result, the volume of the dump has decreased. There are plans to continue using waste rock during the construction of the housing development and concentrator plant, which will further reduce the volume of the dump. The selling of waste rock as aggregate was included in the EIA amendment so that should the need arise, it can be sold to an off-site third party, which would further reduce the dump’s footprint and mine’s closure liability.

Mrs Keneilwe Mntambo (Environmental Specialist) at a host community school during environmental awareness. A partnership between the Company, the Department of Education, and MKLM, manifested in an environmental awareness campaign with the objective of improving a host community school’s waste separation

BPM donated recycling bins to a host community school on ARBOR DAY 2017