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Wesizwe launches new Whistleblowing Campaign this Month

20 May 2013

Wesizwe Launches New Whistleblowing Campaign This Month

This month will see Wesizwe launching an important new initiative aimed at raising awareness of the problem of fraud and crime in the mining sector and encouraging everyone to help in the fight to eradicate it.  Wesizwe's new Whistleblowing campaign will go live in May and will actively encourage members of the public, company contractors and employees to report any wrongdoing they see in the mining sector on a day-to-day basis, and by reporting it anonymously, help to stamp out crime in the sector for good.

Mr Jianke Gao, Chief Executive Officer at Wesizwe says of the new initiative:

"It is imperative for the future success of our company, our flagship Bakubung Platinum Mine project, and the other projects and initiatives that will follow in the future, that we ensure we help to foster a positive corporate and community culture that will not tolerate fraud, crime and corruption.  Our new Whistleblowing initiative, which is being launched this month, has been developed to specifically raise public and corporate consciousness about the problem of these issues and the potential damage they can cause to the success of any mining project or the community that surrounds it.

The new 'Whistleblowing' campaign will encourage every citizen, employee, contractor and public servant to look to their conscience and report any criminal or fraudulent act they witness or hear about, whilst at the same time protecting their anonymity.  As part of the new campaign, the general public will see a large number of highly visible posters encouraging everyone to blow the whistle on fraud and crime, providing specially designated telephone numbers to report anything suspicious or untoward.

Regular articles in the mainstream and community newspapers and in the broadcast media will raise awareness of the problem of fraud and corruption and the adverse effect it has on the success of mining ventures and ultimately on the community and ordinary citizens as a result.

A special Whistleblowers telephone line will be set up as part of the campaign, with the 'hotline' number appearing on all communication materials, from posters to computer screen savers, through to flyers.

Wesizwe encourages every individual either working at the Bakubung Platinum Mine site, providing services to the project, or living in the local community, to do the right thing and report any criminal or fraudulent act they see or hear about.  The identity of any contractor blowing the whistle and reporting crime, fraud or corruption at the site will be protected at all times and will not be made public.  Every report will be dealt with in the strictest confidence.

Here is how individuals can blow the whistle on crime, fraud and corruption and make a difference to the future of Wesizwe's business and the success of the Bakubung Platinum Mine project:

Call the Whistleblowers Toll Free Number - 0800 660632


Email: or Fax:  086 5222 816


Send us a letter: Whistleblowers, PO Box 51006, Musgrave, 4062

Remember, it costs nothing to make a call when calling from a landline number, and the benefits to the company and all its honest employees could be immense.

Full details on the new Wesizwe Whistleblower campaign will be provided on the Wesizwe website -

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